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Sparkle Car Wash Easton | Located on Rt. 248 in Easton, PA | Rated as the best car wash in the Lehigh Valley

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Car Wash Services at Sparkle Car Wash

in Easton PA – Rte. 248

Sparkle Car Wash in Easton PA, off of Rte. 248 and Rte. 33 (next to Wawa) offers 4 Express Wash Packages.

Choose the wash option that is right for you. The interactive wash menu below explains the wash process and shows what is included in the Express Washes. Learn more about what you are getting in your wash.

Sparkle Car Wash Club Program

Great Gift Ideas for Birthdays, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, & Anniversaries!

Want to Ride In Style In a Clean Car All the Time? Consider Sparkle Car Wash’s Unlimited Wash Club Program. Each vehicle registered in the Unlimited Wash Club is entitled to as many car washes as you wish! As you enter the wash lane, the high-tech RFID tag (Radio Frequency ID) affixed to the inside of your windshield is scanned by the overhead RFID reader, which validates your membership and makes your visit to the car wash quick and easy.

Fleet Wash Service

The appearance of your fleet is an extension of your brand…whether corporate, municipal, or independently owned. You can rely on your brand looking great every time your vehicles pull out of Sparkle Car Wash.

Sparkle Car Wash offers a variety of economical and customizable fleet service options that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. And you benefit from much more than just a Sparkling fleet.

Your account management duties are simplified because monthly billing statements include time-stamped information confirming washes by date and vehicle ID. You will never have to reconcile another car washing statement again.

Simplify your administrative life while ensuring your fleet reflects your bright brand image.

Towel Exchange Program

Sparkle Car Wash customers enroll in the Towel Exchange Program to touch up the few Spot Free Rinse droplets that are inevitable after the wash.

Here’s how the Towel Exchange Program works:

You buy into the program just once ($3.00) and receive a fresh towel. Every time you wash your vehicle thereafter, you exchange your towel for another fresh one with no additional charge.





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